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Tettye Coffee is not an old place in Pécs. I discovered it recently. For sure I will be back to enjoy other coffee specialities they have to offer. They have different addition to their menu regularly. The coffee is roasted in Pécs by a local roasters. The baristas working there are skilled and willing to share lots of information on the coffees they offer.

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  • Coffee beans grew in Africa.
  • Roasted by local roasters in Pécs. Lightly roasted.
  • Recommended preparation: order fresh. 😎
The view from inside through the window - istartswithacoffee.com #TettyeCoffee
The view from inside through the window

Personal opinion

The taste was great. It was decorated nicely however when the barista saw that I make a photo he apologized. He said: sorry not the best art. The barista in the coffee shop was really friendly and explained all about the coffee. They have two different coffees all the time loaded to their grinder. A lighter and a darker roasted one. Locally the lighter is more popular so they change that almost daily. African arabica coffee is the most welcomed by the regular customers as a result they have it all the time. The darker roast is a 8020. I did not know what that is so I asked. The barista explained it is a mixture of 80% arabica and 20% robusta coffee beans. Robusta coffee makes the coffee more robust.

Inside Tettye Coffee - istartswithacoffee.com #TettyeCoffee
Inside Tettye Coffee

I was visiting the place with a friend of mine. We both found the atmosphere and the coffee so nice that we decided to be a regular customer. It is a bit harder for me as the place is 1600 km away from where I live.

As you can see above the interior is really nice and modern. They deserve to be on my coffee places to visit when I’m in the area.

The menu


A bit cheap look on the menu card. A printed page laminated. It serves its purpose just fine so no complaints. It also have everything in English on it.

Flat White @ Tettye Coffee in Pécs, Hungary - itstartswithacoffee.com #Pécs #Pecs #tettyecoffee #flatwhite #coffee
Flat White @ Tettye Coffee in Pécs, Hungary