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Geocache hiding on a guard rail - itstartswithacoffee.com #geocaching #magnetic #geocache #guarrail #geocachingHungary

Geocache: Hiding on a guard rail

Oh those guard rails all over the planet. I am not sure they all guard anything but they give us a good opportunity to hide a geocache on them. Preparing the "container" The...

Converting a coffee bottle to a geocache

As a geocacher and a CO (cache owner) I find it important to keep our playground as nice and clean as possible. As the playground is the planet we live on...

A geocache where you need to watch out for the dog

When it comes to geocaching you never really know what to expect but when it starts with the dog guarding already in the name of the geocache some might skip it...

Geocache: Fake rock well hidden and guarded

We have found a few of the fake rock geocache hides at different places before. This one was set as difficulty 1 not sure it was a good pick. Let me get...

DIY logbook for a geocache using garbage

One of my favorite part of geocaching is that we geocachers put some effort in cleaning our playground ... the planet. The other day we were installing some shades or so...

Geocache: Another guardrail hide

Each country has roads, or not? If there is a road most likely you'll find some sort of guardrails along it at some places. Guardrail hides are common all around the...

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My first geocache find in Hong Kong (taking a sunbath) - itstartswithacoffee.com #geocaching #geocachingHK #geocachingfind #geocachingfun #geocachingadventure #geocachingphoto #geocachingfoto

My first geocache find in Hong Kong

During my last business trip, on the way home, I had over six hours of overlay in Hong Kong. I had to add Hong...