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#NESCAFÉ® Gold - #Caramel #Latte - itstartswithacoffee.com #coffee

NESCAFÉ® GOLD – Caramel Latte

I was traveling on business and I decided to bring some instant coffee with me on this trip to taste it with my "coffee...
Bullet journal - travel planner

Bullet journal – travel planner

If you love traveling you have to prepare for each trip as good as possible. It's time to use your bullet journal to gather...
Bullet journal - books to read

Bullet journal — books to read

Most of us love to read. Why not listing your books to read on your bullet journal? What can be more relaxing than sitting...
Bullet journal gain weight tracker

Bullet journal gain weight tracking

Not all have the problem of keeping their weight low. Some like my wife is trying to pick up some extra weight. As a...

Bullet journaling – How to pick a bullet journal?

All the girls in my family started to have a bullet journal. Ok that was first and then within weeks I started to see...
Geocache hiding on a guard rail - itstartswithacoffee.com #geocaching #magnetic #geocache #guarrail #geocachingHungary

Geocache: Hiding on a guard rail

Oh those guard rails all over the planet. I am not sure they all guard anything but they give us a good opportunity to...
Parmalat® - Caffèlatte Mocha - itstartswithacoffee.com #parmalat #caffelatte #mocha #coffee

Parmalat® – Caffèlatte Mocha

I stopped at a megastore in Hungary to pick up some water and a coffee for the drive. This time a Parmalat® - Caffèlatte Mocha....
Douwe Egberts - Ice Skinny #Latte - itstartswithacoffee.com #coffee #coldcoffee #icecoffee


Today's pick of coffee in a cup is the Ice Skinny Latte from Douwe Egberts.FactsManufacturer: Jacobs Douwe Egberts Energy: 145kJ / 34 kcal...
Starbucks® - White Chocolate Mocha

Starbucks® – White Chocolate Mocha (flavour)

Today we went shopping and I picked up this cup of Starbucks® - White Chocolate Mocha flavour to drink.FactsManufacturer: Arla Foods Amba Where to...

Archeon, a day back in the past part 2

Part 2 in Archeon ... where humans already moved into houses. Walking through Archeon and time we reached the first real houses. Looks a little...

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Geocache under the rail lines - itstartswithacoffee.com #geocache #geocaching

Geocache under the rail lines

Does placing a geocache under a busy rail line comply with the rules? When I saw the spot on the map, that...