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L’OR Espresso – Papua New Guinea

That Thursday morning started with this coffee, what a great start. Most of the mornings I just pick the capsule from the top and...

Let’s drink coffee … on the go

I travel a lot. I travel with family and for work as well. I love coffee however I can go to sleep straight after...

Geocache: Camouflaged and hidden up in the tree

After playing geocaching for a few years in most geocachers' life the time arrives to hide some geocaches. As many others I also realized...

Dinner: Ördöglepény & Chestnut Puree @ Nádas Csárda in Tiszaújváros, Hungary

During a work visit to Tiszaújváros we are limited to some places only when it comes to restaurants. Nádas Csárda is one of them...

Geocache: Another guardrail hide

Each country has roads, or not? If there is a road most likely you'll find some sort of guardrails along it at some places....

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My first geocache find in Hong Kong (taking a sunbath) - itstartswithacoffee.com #geocaching #geocachingHK #geocachingfind #geocachingfun #geocachingadventure #geocachingphoto #geocachingfoto

My first geocache find in Hong Kong

During my last business trip, on the way home, I had over six hours of overlay in Hong Kong. I had to add Hong...