My first geocache find in Hong Kong


During my last business trip, on the way home, I had over six hours of overlay in Hong Kong. I had to add Hong Kong to the list of countries where I found a geocache. It was a bit more complicated than I planned, but done.

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My first geocache find in Hong Kong - #geocaching #geocachingHK #geocachingfind #geocachingfun #geocachingadventure #geocachingphoto #geocachingfoto
My first geocache find in Hong Kong

The location

This geocache is placed close to the international airport in Hong Kong. On some of the days, when there is an event, the location must be crowded. The cache owner found a great hiding spot close to one of the exits of the AsiaWorld-Expo. I have to congratulate the cache owner for this hide.

My first geocache find in Hong Kong, the views from above the geocache - #geocaching #geocachingHK #geocachingfind #geocachingfun #geocachingadventure #geocachingphoto #geocachingfoto
My first geocache find in Hong Kong, the views from above the geocache

The search

When it comes to the story about the search, I have to smile. I was travelling via Hong Kong in both ways. On the way to Taiwan, I had a shorter overlay, but long enough to look up the potential candidates. There were a total of three within reach. I saved them all on my phone and tablet as well. Let me mention you can find free wifi service all around the airport.

Security does not want to move anywhere - #geocaching #geocachingHK #geocachingfind #geocachingfun #geocachingadventure #geocachingphoto #geocachingfoto #AsiaWorld
Security does not want to move anywhere

The first and closest to the entrance of the terminal was just two hundred meters away. I read everything about that one and carefully inspected all the photos. It was a quick find for everyone, so I thought I prepared for it.

One the way back, when I had more time, the aeroplane landed earlier, so even more time I have. I filled out the arrival card, except for one field. Where am I staying in Hong Kong? I was thinking all the way to passport control what answer to give to that question. I decided to go with the only good story, the truth. I will tell I want to go and take a look around outside, maybe visit something close by. I got to the passport control, the guy there did not say any words, not asking, not greeting, nothing. I had my paper that I can stay for ninety days.

AsiaWorld-Expo from the geocache - #geocaching #geocachingHK #geocachingfind #geocachingfun #geocachingadventure #geocachingphoto #geocachingfoto #AsiaWorld
AsiaWorld-Expo from the geocache

Let me start searching. I pulled my phone and connected to the free wifi. I refreshed the geocaches. That is when I began to worry. I had one goal for the day to find one geocache. The closest one was disabled. Ok, what are the next options? There were two more next to the AsiaWorld-Expo. Both of them had a DNF as the last log entry. I read them both. The geocacher did not have much time, and there were security muggles close, so he gave up.

There is a small train going from the airport to the center of Hong Kong and to the AsiaWorld-Expo. Usually, these trains transport passengers between terminals, and I could walk into the first one. Not many people headed to the AsiaWorld-Expo. When I got there, they all vanished. Now where to? I found an exit, but it required me to use my ticket to leave. I had no card. Let me read all signs all around me, and one said that at the other exit, I can buy tickets as that booth has someone. I walked to the other end of the station. After a few minutes, I found it. It cost me six Hong Kong dollars to exit.

KFC at AsiaWorld-Expo - #AsiaWorld #KFC
KFC at AsiaWorld-Expo –

On the map I saw a KFC, I was thinking to pick a small sandwich before the search, but everything was closed. At first, I worried that the building is also closed, but that itself was open. I walked towards the hotel there as the coordinates pointed close to there. Do you remember what I said I was so prepared on the first geocache? Now I was the same level not ready for this. All I knew that the previous geocacher gave up thanks to some security. As I took some photos on the way to the hotel, I saw some security parking down along the road.

AsiaWorld-Expo on the way to the geocache (wrong level exit) - #geocaching #geocachingHK #geocachingfind #geocachingfun #geocachingadventure #geocachingphoto #geocachingfoto #AsiaWorld
AsiaWorld-Expo on the way to the geocache (wrong level exit)

The coordinates were a bit jumpy. So I started searching around where the security was parking. I decided no matter what, if they come and ask, I will tell them what I am after. Maybe, they can even help me. No luck, where is it? Remember what I mentioned about wifi all around? Now, here, nothing. I decided on only a few euros I get enough internet to check the details. I read all the logs and the details of the geocache.

This was the time when I realized I was on the wrong side of a multi-lane street and security for sure watching me. I decided not to walk all the way back, I ran across. There was no traffic as there was no event. Following the simple instructions provided by the cache owner, it was so easy. Always read all you can before heading for a hunt. Or maybe don’t, then you have to move fun and more to tell others when you go to your next event.

Security camera watching the geocache? - #geocaching #geocachingHK #geocachingfind #geocachingfun #geocachingadventure #geocachingphoto #geocachingfoto #AsiaWorld
Security camera watching the geocache?

There was even a security camera pointing at the geocache. Still, a light pole was blocking it, so that narrowed the search further down.

The hide

My first geocache find in Hong Kong (taking a sunbath) - #geocaching #geocachingHK #geocachingfind #geocachingfun #geocachingadventure #geocachingphoto #geocachingfoto
My first geocache find in Hong Kong (taking a sunbath)

This technic is one of those which you’ll like a lot when you find it for the first time. You do not need much to create it.

Cut the top off from both bottles below the shoulder. Make it smooth enough to glue the two parts together easily. Glue the magnet into one of the caps. You could also stick one in both caps to make it easier to place, but of course, that costs a bit more.

I met different variants of this hiding technic. Some of them had one of the caps glued, so it opened only on one end. Some used different shapes or even the size of bottles to make the hide look a bit different.

I wonder who is the one that made this hide for the first time. This question comes to my mind each time I find one hiding technic at different locations, and they are thousands of kilometers away.

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My first geocache find in Hong Kong - #geocaching #geocachingHK #geocachingfind #geocachingfun #geocachingadventure #geocachingphoto #geocachingfoto #AsiaWorld
My first geocache find in Hong Kong –

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