Magnetic geocache on guard rail


Guard rails are made of such a metal that magnets stick to them therefore it is a perfect place to hide a geocache. Here below I share one of my first geocaches.

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The hide

Petling on the guard rail - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingHungary #geocachinghide #ihideit #petling
Petling on the guard rail

As it was one of my early hides I tried to make it simple. I wanted as many people to find as possible. And as they say:

if you hide it, they will come

I placed it out and they came. It is one of those park and grab type of hides. Really simple, just park next to it.

The guardrail hiding the geocache - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingHungary #geocachinghide #ihideit #petling #guardrail
The guardrail hiding the geocache

First of all it is just a guard rail. Many would just park, search, sign move on. Take a closer look. Yes there is some water there a small creek. Many of the geocachers play this game to go for the statistics which is fine. I always say if you are there, look around as most probably you’ll never go back.

The scenery

The view from the geocache - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingHungary #geocachinghide #ihideit #petling
The view from the geocache

The location is not the best. On the other side of the road is the biggest chemical factory of Hungary. The reason why I placed this geocache however is something else. There is an abandoned building close by. I decided to place geocaches at those abandoned buildings in the area.

The abandoned building - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingHungary #geocachinghide #ihideit #petling
The abandoned building

As you can see the building is abandoned for a long time. The story gets a twist here. I encouraged all geocachers finding this to take a picture of the building. Not all of them did but I do when I revisit.

The abandoned building a bit later - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingHungary #geocachinghide #ihideit #petling
The abandoned building a bit later

Two years and two months later a new picture of the abandoned building. Wow! It has a fence now. The front-yard is now cleaned up. What happened? Someone decided to repurpose the building, or just to stop homeless people to stay around? No clue what has happened but for sure it looks less abandoned.

What is the real twist in this? I have more hides in the area with the same name and some #numbers and it is not the only one that stopped falling apart but that will be a next story.

Materials used to make this geocache

  • a petling (PET preform)
  • some silver duct tape
  • a strong neodymium magnet
Petling on the guard rail - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingHungary #geocachinghide #ihideit #petling
Petling on the guard rail