Let’s drink coffee … on the go


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I travel a lot. I travel with family and for work as well. I love coffee however I can go to sleep straight after drinking a huge cup of coffee and sleep like a baby.

Most of my work related travel starts at an airport. When I’m at the airport – as I am an early person I arrive there early as well – I straight go to the lounge to get some work done before I fly.

Cappuccino @ KLM Crown Lounge, Schiphol, The Netherlands

At the lounge I always get a coffee or a cappuccino which is free but nothing special, I often end up drinking one out at Starbucks especially if they have some cool special limited edition. It is a bit more fun if I have a colleague joining me in the lounge so I get some company.

Depending on the lounge’s size I try to find a seat where I can observe the coffee machine from a safe distance. It almost always brings up some fun to watch. There are always some people who first want to be in a rush and do not pay attention to the details and put the wrong size of cup to get their latte macchiato into an espresso cup. The sooner they realize their mistake the more fun it is, that way they try to push all different buttons causing hot steam coming out here and there, sometimes even milk starts to come out. Ok, I make mistakes as I’m also a human, but then comes more fun, someone tries to help them then they start blaming the machine or the even better they stand there with all the mess they quickly look around and if they suspect no one saw them they go to the next machine and leave all the mess behind. Now then I walk by and tell them just ask the staff they can help cleaning their mess up. It is so funny when they try to say it was not them.

When I have a chance to visit some historical places and they offer some coffee; I always give it a try, like the below one I drank at Casey Jones Village in Jackson, Tennessee, USA.

Caramel Latte from The Farmer’s Perk @ Casey Jones Village, Jackson, Tennessee, USA

When it comes to coffee the atmosphere is almost as important as the coffee itself. That coffee I drank at the Casey Jones Village had it all, a great organic coffee with the historic interior and a colleague with me discussing all fun stuff, now that is what I call a great coffee. It was a hot coffee and still got on the top of my favorites. If I’ll have a change I’ll revisit the location and then I’ll get more pictures from there for you.

When meeting a friend if they also enjoy coffee I always stop at a local place to get a good drink while catching up with them.

Latte Macchiato with whipped cream @ Gelati Fagylalt és Kávé, Pécs, Hungary

While chatting and taking the pictures most of my friends ask me why do I take pictures and it is always a good topic. Why? I see many elderly people that they start to forget things as time passes by so I decided many years ago that I’ll capture my memories on pictures, with latest technology you can get the location stored on the picture and add as many comments as you want. Now that is why I take the pictures. The funny part is that when I share albums with them later with many of the pictures like the coffees I drank; they always come back to me with a smile and a few sentence like :

  • oh, you remember we drank it when … and it started with that coffee and then we ended up doing this …
  • oh, that place we need to go back, it is still open? …
  • oh, are you sure I was there? (and of course I have a picture of them there…)

On many more travels I’m driving long distances and while driving somehow I just do not like to get a coffee hot. I prefer the cold ones which you can just grab at the filling station while filling up the car with fuel. When we drive longer distances and I’m talking over a thousand miles we never really plan which filling station we’ll stop at just as we get tired or need fuel or a restroom. This gives me the opportunity to try all different canned, bottled coffees, different filling stations sell different brands.

Emmi – Caffè Latte Macchiato

Mostly I drink them in the car so that makes it convenient to take a picture in the car and you can see mostly it is in a parking lot. This coffee above I got in Germany at a filling station. I decided that I’ll start posting on these different coffees and try to get as much background information on them as I can, stick around for more posts later.

Caffè Lattesso Cappuccino

Another one along the way to Hungary, this one is also from Germany, but this came with an extra the cap holds a small coffee cookie.

Mr. Brown® Cappuccino Coffee-Drink

This one I came across first in Luxembourg and drank in Belgium but it is manufactured in Germany. I remember I decided to try all of this brand as the first tasted nice.

Mr. Brown® Vanilla Coffee-Drink

A bit later while browsing around in a store somewhere in Taipei, Taiwan I came across Mr. Brown® again, sorry for not typing in the full name of that coffee under the image, that is beyond my Chinese writing skills.

Mr. Brown® in Taiwan

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