How to use washi tape


Washi tapes are one of the easiest decorations available for your bullet journal. You can get them in all different width. They are available in all different themes. When it comes to using them most of them comes with no instructions. Depending on what you plan to use them for you might need some technic to learn. That is what we try to help you with on this post.

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Step 1 – stick it to baking paper

How to use washi tape step 1 - #washitape #creativejournaling #washi #howto
How to use washi tape step 1

In our example we use a wider washi tape with nice pictures related to Christmas. It is around 10 cm wide.

The main problem handling these washi tapes is when you do not just want to stick a given length to a page but you plan to use a picture or a quote from it alone. You can try holding the washi tape in your hands and try to cut. As it is sticky you will probably get only upset and use up a few meters before you have the desired part cut.

To solve the problem of holding it while not loosing too much or any of its stickiness use baking paper. Baking paper is used during baking as it is not sticky so it is perfect for us.

Take a piece of the baking paper. It comes usually rolled up so first you need to flatten the baking paper. Then roll down as much of the washi tape as you need to find the images you want to cut.

Step 2 – cut it into stripes

How to use washi tape step 2 - #washitape #creativejournaling #washi #howto
How to use washi tape step 2

Now that you have stripes of washi tape stuck to the baking paper cut them into stripes. From this point you have an easier to handle solution. You can hold it in your hand without loosing any stickiness so you can keep on turning it around as needed.

Step 3 – cut out the part you need

How to use washi tape step 3

Now your washi tape is flat so it is really easy to use your favourite scissors to cut the part you need. During preparing a page or multiple pages you usually use up the stripes you cut within a few days. You do not need to worry about its stickiness so you can just keep them on the baking paper for some time.

Step 4 – peel off the washi tape from the baking paper

How to use washi tape step 4 - #washitape #creativejournaling #washi #howto
How to use washi tape step 4

When you have the needed piece cut it is easier to remove the washi tape from the baking paper than a sticker from its holder.

What you might need …

Baking paper

You can find baking paper in most grocery stores. They are available in rolls or sheets. My wife prefers the sheets for washi tapes and of course for baking so that is what we’ll recommend here.


We all have our preferences when it comes to scissors so we recommend you get yourself a few different sizes.

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How to use washi tape - #washitape #creativejournaling #washi #howto
How to use washi tape