Geocache under the air conditioner


Geocaching in a foreign country is always challenging especially when you need to search around air conditioners. This geocache I found somewhere in Taipei, Taiwan. It should be an easy find but you know how it goes.

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Geocache under the air conditioner - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingTW #geocachingTaiwan #airconditioner
Geocache under the air conditioner

The location

This geocache is somewhere in Taipei City, Taiwan. I was in Taiwan for a few days due to my work. I always try to find some time to add more smileys to the map so it was not different this time.

The air conditioners on the wall -
The air conditioners on the wall

There is a big garden next to the geocache. Interesting that between all those huge apartment houses there is this tiny little garden. Who maintains this? Who is picking the fruits and vegetables when they are ripe?

The search

I had a full morning to find as many geocaches as I can. I had an early breakfast in the hotel. Then I quickly checked out and headed to the MRT. During my business trips I only have limited time to go geocaching so I try to be prepared and as efficient as possible. I download all geocaches in the area. I usually end up downloading far more than I will have the time or that I can reach with the transportation I have available.

The light blue bicycle in the garden -
The light blue bicycle in the garden

Previous evening I already selected two areas on the map. I refreshed the stored information on both my tablet and my phone. Most of the targeted geocaches I managed to read the description and the hint before I went to bed.

On the MRT on the way to the first geocache I read the information on the geocache. I also looked up closer on the map which exit to come up from the MRT. This seems to be a very useful thing to do. At one location I missed the exit and it took me valuable time to cross the street so I recommend checking if possible.

That day this was not the first geocache but the day started to get busy. People in Taipei City started to wake up as result there was an elder man in the small garden next to the hiding place. He had not much to see so he kept on looking at what keeps me busy. That was a typical example of a muggle being interested. In other cases I would just walk over and start chatting with him. I would also tell him about geocaching but this muggle did not look friendly at all.

What do you do in such case? I was lucky there were enough interesting things around there so I started to shoot photos of objects, plants and anything. After a few minutes he got bored after realising I am just a crazy tourist that cannot find 101.

A little garden between the big apartments -
A little garden between the big apartments

By then I was sure the geocache is hidden somewhere the air conditioners on the wall so I walked there. I found it in a few seconds. My muggle was still browsing around in the garden so I walked away from the hiding place and signed the log there.

The hide

In Taipei City geocaching is not as popular as in the Netherlands as an example so I found that many hides uses the same objects as containers. This one is a small cosmetic jar with a strong magnet in it holding it in place.

The logbook was just a printed paper but I prefer the self-made ones to the commercial ones. That makes the whole hide more personal.

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Geocache under the air conditioner - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingTW #geocachingTaiwan #airconditioner
Geocache under the air conditioner