Geocache: Lift the shoe


I enjoy finding hand-made geocaches. It is even more fun when I know the geocacher who made it and it is even a surprise for me.

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Geocache: Lift the shoe - #geocaching #geocache #geocachingHungary
Geocache: Lift the shoe

The search

I spotted this new geocache on the map before arriving to the area. While monitoring this hide I was hoping to go for a FTF (First To Find) but a few days before arriving some other geocacher found it. I was a bit disappointed and still happy for a bigger sized geocache. I also made a STF (Second To Find)

After work at the warehouse I was done in time so I jumped into the car. I decided to have dinner at a place close to this geocache. While I was driving I did not feel like eating just yet. I decided to go for the geocache first and dinner after that.

Geocaching at an abandoned "Horse" hotel - #geocaching #geocachingHungary #horse #hotel
Geocaching at an abandoned “Horse” hotel

Till I arrived to the location I did not really know why is it called a Horse TB Hotel. As soon as I parked it became clear. The name of the hotel is horse and it has a huge horse sign. The hint said lift the shoe. At first I thought I need to search for a real shoe however not much later it hit me. The name of the hotel is horse the shoe must be from a horse as well.

The coordinates were on the spot. The geocache was hiding under some small bush.

The hide

I enjoy hides when there is more than a small container just put somewhere. I enjoy the hand-made ones a lot more, they have that small touch that makes you give the FAVO point to them.

Geocache: under the horseshoe - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingHungary
Geocache: under the horseshoe

A plastic container with a huge magnet sheet is placed under this specially designed huge rock. Very well done.

Geocache: hidden under the horse shoe - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingHungary
Geocache: hidden under the horse shoe

You can see above the big magnet sheet on the container. Not a bad idea. I planned a brick earlier with a container held in place with a magnet, but I wasn’t thinking in a sheet. I’ll keep the idea in mind.

Materials in case you want to make a similar

Geocache: Lift the shoe - #geocaching #geocache #horseshoe #geocachingHungary
Geocache: Lift the shoe