Geocache in the tree


I found this geocache in Taiwan. It is part of a series placed at the public libraries of Taipei. When I mean it is in the tree I really mean it. I am not sure how the cache owner placed it into the tree. The key ring holding the geocache is around a root of the tree.

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Geocache hidden in the tree - #geocache #bison #geocaching #geocachingTW #geocachingTaiwan
Geocache hidden in the tree

The location

Taiwan has a series of geocaches placed at the public libraries in Taipei. During previous visits in Taipei I found a few of them so I had expectations. I expected a busy neighborhood with many muggles. And there were many muggles. Some of them were policemen. Others working in local stores. Others just passing by on foot or a scooter. Muggles are not the same here as in the Netherlands. Here they do not really care what you are up to. They just pass by and not even look at you. The more suspicious you act the more they turn their heads away.

Geocache hidden in the tree on the left - #geocache #bison #geocaching #geocachingTW #geocachingTaiwan
Geocache hidden in the tree on the left

By the time I got to the geocache the sun was already going to sleep. As you can see many of those trees in this small park are offering a perfect hiding spot. I wish I had some of these trees on my hiding ground.

This part of Taipei City has many high buildings and I was a bit worried about how accurate the coordinates would be. Luckily the coordinates were really good therefore it did not take long for me to find the geocache.

Scooters parking in Taipei, Taiwan -
Scooters parking in Taipei, Taiwan

The search

As I walked towards the coordinates I read what I found about the geocache. The hint was tree. Nothing more, nothing less. At one of the libraries I found the geocache earlier it was tree also. I was hoping for a different hiding method. I passed by many scooters and that reminded me to a geocache on the main square in Brugge, Belgium. That geocache is hidden in plane sight in a bicycle. Someone should hide a geocache in a scooter.

As I was looking into the tree I spotted that stone there. At first I though that is the geocache but it was not. As I moved that stone I touched the geocache. If you check out the spoiler of the geocache it is a black bison. It is hiding so good that for a beginner it is almost invisible.

The next surprise came when I just wanted to take it out to step aside. It did not come. The key ring was around a small root of the tree. How did it end up there? I think the tree found our game fun and wanted to participate and decided to secure the geocache. It grew a root through the key ring. Or the cache owner placed it when that root was a lot skinnier. I had to open it there which was not the easiest thing to do so I was a bit struggling with it. Then I had the logbook in my hand. I stepped away to sign. After that I put it back and made a few pictures so you can see.

The tree that has the geocache -
The tree that has the geocache

Do you see the sing? That is something I cannot remember but most probably was not around. Taiwan has banned smoking around public places and schools. It is also not allowed to smoke in hotel rooms any longer. I had stays when I had to argue with them in a hotel as I booked a non-smoking room and they put me into a smoking one.

Some extra fun

Many of my friends know me to look at the bright side of the sun all the times. If I find something to have fun with I will share so that is what I did. I uploaded the above photo with the scooters to my time line on a social media. To spice it up I added something like:

I rented a scooter. I have the keys. But there is no remote and I do not remember the plate number. How should I find which one is mine?

oh boy… As expected they all tried to help with narrowing down my search:

  • the one with the black seat
  • with two wheels
  • that is parked next to another scooter
  • having two mirrors

Now that was helpful. It is always more fun during geocaching then you expect. Feel free to include your friends even if only virtually so you have a lot more fun. The best part is that I would not even rent a scooter. I don’t think they are safe.

What you might need for such a hide

A bison tube, some places you can find these as pill capsules


For all the different size of bison tubes the best solution if you print a logbook. Roll it up and put it in. Some of the bison tubes are better against the water others are not so good.

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Geocache hidden in the tree - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingTW #geocachingTaiwan #taiwan #Taipei
Geocache hidden in the tree