Geocache in the phone-booth


My work took me to Taiwan once again. I arrived somewhere in the afternoon so I decided to get more tired I go and find a geocache. The day was also missing from my matrix. That just gave me even more motivation. The area I stayed did not have anything in walking distance any longer so I had to head further away.

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Geocache in the phone-booth - #geocaching #geocache #magnetic #geocachingTW #geocachingtaiwan
Geocache in the phone-booth

The location

Taipei, Taiwan. That is where I found this kids friendly hide. Anyone who knows Taipei City a bit better will know the location fast enough.

Taipei, Taiwan -
Taipei, Taiwan

Close to the hiding spot there is this sign. I took a picture as it looked funny. Then looking a bit longer I realized it actually says Taipei.

Geocache in the phone-booth - #geocaching #geocache #magnetic #geocachingTW #geocachingtaiwan
Geocache in the phone-booth

If you ever visited Taipei City in Taiwan you would know that it is really crowded. You find tons of mopeds passing by everywhere. As it is densely populated most geocaches are urban geocaches. This is a tiny magnetic hide. It was set to be an easy find. It is also recommended for kids. On the photo it is obvious where you would check first. Yes, it will be there.

The hide

My goal was for that day to find a geocache. My finds by day of the year matrix had this day empty so I wanted to get that also covered. I picked this as it was within reach with public transportation and walking. The difficulty and the terrain were both low. Someone found it recently that is a hint it is there.

Getting there was more complicated than actually finding the geocache. I took the brown MRT as that was closest to the hotel and the hiding location. Getting up from underground was a small challenge for me. When I started looking around I was not sure which exit to take. The signs were trivial. If I go this way that gets me to the terminals at the airport. I thought I will go the other way. Now when I walked a big circle I realized I was at the same spot as where I could go the other way as well. Thanks for the confusing signs. After a few stairs I got up and out.

The search

It was in the afternoon so the time till sunset was limited. I looked all around. The hint was talking about making a phone call. There was one single phone-booth in the area. The coordinates were pointing to that phone-booth.

Some more challenge stopped me for a moment. OK, it was more like a few minutes. There was no traffic on the road I had to cross but it took minutes to get a green light. As you can see on the above photo many muggles were on the road. I waited till they got the green light. Everyone started moving. I just walked to the phone-booth and used my phone to look where I assumed it will hide. I took a quick picture. It was there. The picture did not look bad on the location so I was happy and kept it. Now as you can see it is not that sharp. With the geocache in my hand I stepped away and signed the log. Then I put it back and looked up another one. But that is another story to come.

Curtain fig tree -
Curtain fig tree

In the area and in many places in Taiwan you see this type of trees. I like them a lot. They can grow into such cool shapes. I am not sure they are called curtain fig trees but that is the best I could find on the internet. I tried to ask locals with no luck so far. I’ll update the post if I get the accurate name for them.

What you might need for such a hide

A small 5-10 ml plastic twist cap jar

A strong magnet

Since neodymium magnets are available it is a lot easier to create a magnetic geocache. Maybe they were available long ago but I remember my first magnetic container used the good old magnets. Depending on the size and weight of the container you might need a smaller or bigger one.

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Geocache in the phone-booth - #geocaching #geocache #magnetic #geocachingTW #geocachingtaiwan
Geocache in the phone-booth