Geocache in a bird house


I love birds so any geocaches related to them in any ways I give a favourite point. We found all different bird house geocaches. This one already had many favourite points so we were expecting something what we found. Of course we were not expecting it up so high.

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Geocache - bird house - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingNL #geocachingNetherlands #geocachingfun #birdhouse
Geocache – bird house

The location

This geocache is located in the neighbourhood of the Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands. A few residential buildings are across the street.

Geocache - bird house in the tree - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingNL #geocachingNetherlands #geocachingfun #birdhouse
Geocache – bird house in the tree

The search

We arrived early to this geocache. Ok, it was not that early for me but for the locals it was. The geocache was hiding up on that tree and with a long thin rope you had to let it come down. Of course due to the many big trees the GPS was not pointing to the location. It was jumping around so we had to look carefully. It was pointing more to the other side of the street. There was a house. Not sure but most probably they hide the geocache. After checking some photos it was trivial where to search.

Geocache - bird house coming down - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingNL #geocachingNetherlands #geocachingfun #birdhouse
Geocache – bird house coming down

The rope was tied to the fence but a bit further away so it was not so obvious at first look.

These are the geocaches keeps you searching for the next one. I always hope to find another bird house. I designed a few myself but never had the time to build them.

Geocache - the back side of the bird house
Geocache – the back side of the bird house

This bird house is hanging on such a thin rope as a result it was rotating around. I managed to take a picture of its back so here I share it as well. Enjoy. You can see it is out there for a while and the weather worked on it already.

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Geocache - bird house - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingNL #geocachingNetherlands #geocachingfun #birdhouse
Geocache – bird house