Geocache: Hiding on a guard rail


Oh those guard rails all over the planet. I am not sure they all guard anything but they give us a good opportunity to hide a geocache on them.

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Magnetic geocache and its logbook - #geocaching #geocache #DIY #logbook #magnetic
Magnetic geocache and its logbook

Preparing the “container”

The container is not always a box. This time I took a zip-bag a small one a few tiny magnets and some silver tape to fold better into the environment. As you can see above the container is not much of a work to prepare. Cover a plastic zip-bag with silver tape and do not forget to tape a few tiny magnets to it. It takes less than a few minutes to create the container but it might take many minutes for the beginners to find it.

Geocaching logbook - #geocaching #logbook #DIY
Geocaching logbook

Preparing the logbook

I enjoy creating custom log books. There is one thing I enjoy more about them; when the geocachers find it and they also mention that they found it so cool.

This logbook is 5 x 7 cm. I printed the pages from a document. Cut it with a ruler and a sharp cutter. I used different color paper for the fun and as no one said the logbook has to be white. Then added a strong last page, a thick carton paper. (That paper came from my mobile phone’s packaging.)

When all was cut into pieces I held it all together and drilled tiny holes. I drilled three pairs of holes. Usually I drill holes all along the longer side but this time I decided with a different end result. There are all different drills to use but as you do not need any bigger holes than 1 mm you need to be very careful when drilling. Do not push too hard as the drill will break. Hold the sheets really tight together otherwise the hole will go sideways and not straight through.

When drilling is done it is time to saw it. Nothing special I just tied good each pairs of holes.

Geocache logbook back side - #geocaching #geocache #logbook #DIY
Geocache logbook back side

Not much left, I decided to glue the rest of the threads to the back of the book for decoration. Since a few years I need to use reading glasses to work with such tiny things. The first run on glueing did not look the best. Then I decided to put a thin layer all over the back of the logbook. It turned out like a texture on the back, not bad.

Geocache logbook inside - #geocaching #DIY #logbook
Geocache logbook inside

Earlier I mentioned that I printed the pages. Above here you can see the first page. Yes, it is the instruction from This time it is in Hungarian as this geocache will be hidden there. All the instructions fit on three pages with this size. Except for my nano containers I try to put the instructions in all of them. If you start checking the instructions in other geocaches around you’ll see after a while they are useless. I decided to make it part of the logbook / log roll. This way each time I replace the logbook I replace the instructions as well.

I wonder how many of you ever received a removal request email? I never ever.

Hiding the geocache

Now that I have the geocache prepared it was time to find a guard rail to hide it on. It was not too hard to find a location. I wanted to give a twist to the hide. There is not much to show at the place I placed it at the end, but I came up with a series of 3 geocaches and a kind of bonus. Now let me show you how it looks like when hidden.

Geocache hiding on a guard rail - #geocaching #magnetic #geocache #guarrail #geocachingHungary
Geocache hiding on a guard rail

The guard rail above is at a location where only people come along working on the fields. They won’t stop they have work to do on the fields. I have high hopes about how long this geocache will survive without any maintenance needs. It is very important to try to hide your geocaches that you can take good care of them. There are many locations where we all hide but cannot go out after each and every reported DNF. I also recommend making photos of the hide. Not only to send them if someone is there and wants to be sure he is not missing something. It is also very useful to find your own geocaches back.

Materials used to create this geocache

Geocache hiding on a guard rail - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingHungary #DIY #magnetic
Geocache hiding on a guard rail