Geocache: Fake rock well hidden and guarded


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We have found a few of the fake rock geocache hides at different places before. This one was set as difficulty 1 not sure it was a good pick.

The geocache is hiding somewhere under the bench

Let me get back to the beginning of the day… As every morning I started with a good coffee with milk and then looked at what did we plan for the day. I planned to create a non standard non paper logbook which later I did. Then I saw we need to stop at a small village to pick up something so I checked for geocaches in that neighborhood and yes there is a simple one right there.

What is that doing here?

The first issue we had was the parking, the area marked for parking was full, so we drove a bit further and after going left right in a street we found one single spot next to a small truck. After the successful parking a short walk and then searching. It was a Sunday before noon search, which means in most neighborhood in the Netherlands not a single muggle anywhere.

Something stuck in here?

Searching, searching and first nothing so reading logs, many said one of the locals helped them… oh not the best timing then as that neighbor must be sleeping still. As the hint was pointing to the ground we lifted bricks and other things, how peaceful with no muggles. I even looked at the geocache once but moved on.

How did all that got in there? Do you see all those snails guarding the geocache?

The hiding place was really out of its envitonment so I checked again and lifted more things up. So many snails were guarding the geocache, never saw so many of these at one place. Finally we had the logbook, quickly signed the took many pictures to share with you.

The scenery from the geocache

Here in the Netherlands we see a few geocaches that looks like digged into the ground which is against the rules – however as I understood from fellow geocachers – hides like this one they build in while the whole area is renewed and that is one of the reason they look so much folding into the environment. Let me also mention that many of the cities regulate the game. You need a permission or at least inform them about the locations.

If you look straight to the other side of the river from the geocache

I know a few geocachers who just go for the statistics, which is of course fine with me, but I encourage all to look around where you are no need to take pictures but collect memories. How often do you have the time to sit down and just watch the passing by boats even for a minute?

And another view to the other way …

The river on the images is the IJssel, yes it is not a typo both I and J are capitals in the name of the river. This river has a few cool caches along both sides. If you ever plan to visit the Netherlands for geocaching make sure to bring a bicycle. Then you could cycle along many rivers and enjoy the great view.

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The gocaches are calling and I must go