Geocache: Electric car charging station


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Besides a good coffee on a long trip there is one other thing that makes you stop at rest areas … a geocache. Unfortunately you can only guess on how fun it will be but at some places it is just worth the time a lot more than at other places.

Loggen erlaubt! (EN: Logging allowed!)

This was the logbook, the back side of it where you actually had to sign. The text says “Loggen erlaubt!” in German which means “Logging allowed!” in English which makes sense as soon as you see the front of the logbook. This geocache is located in Austria that is why the German language.

Plakatieren verboten! (Hanging a poster is forbidden!)

This geocache was on an electric car charging station, just placed there as a magnetic sticker with the sign: Plakatieren verboten! (Hanging a poster is forbidden!). We stopped there to go to the restroom and to eat some bites at a quick food restaurant there. Then while waiting for the food I checked if there were any geocaches at this resting area (there are not many in Austria but growing). And there you go we parked within 200 meters, so let me walk to it. Of course it started to rain. The coordinates were good enough to get to the spot fast, no one filling the car up there and even with all those muggles all around the area; not a single was looking at what I am busy with. First I was searching all around at different potential objects like light pole and advertising signs and then let me take a closer look what is off on that recharge station.

The recharge station from a distance

These type of hides I always give a FAVO for as this is really folding into the environment. I already sourced some printable magnetic sheets to create one of these myself, I just need to find the best place to stick it to, but that will also come one day. Happy geocaching…

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