Geocache: Camouflaged and hidden up in the tree


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After playing geocaching for a few years in most geocachers’ life the time arrives to hide some geocaches. As many others I also realized that if no one is hiding the game slowly will end, there will be nothing to search for so I first needed an area I can hide. The area I live in the Netherlands has so many geocaches that is close to impossible find a free spot. As I need to travel to a location in Hungary regularly I srarted to cover it with geocaches.

Geocache hiding up in the tree

As I drink many different coffees and the cold ones with milk are on my toplist I found some which are sold in plastic bottles perfectly sized to be a geocache I camouflaged a few with special tapes. As you can see the camouflage works really nicely up on the tree. These tapes are available online in many places and in different color. When left out in the wild they slowly will turn into a color that is even more fitting to most hiding spot.

Here are a few links to get some of the tapes for yourself:

You are not limited to use them on bottles, you can cover basically any object with them as you wish. If you need better sticking and longer lasting use some glue that sticks it to the container better.

The cross the geocache is placed next to

In Hungary I started to see geocaches popping up next to roadside crosses. I found the idea good so I decided I help in and do my share. As I started to find more and more geocaches close to these crosses I started to look into the topic. I came across Műemlé which has most if not all of the crosses listed in Hungary and many close to the Hungarian border. This was a big help, I could stop driving around to find crosses outside villages along the roads. Yes, I know I should try hiding inside villages but as I do not live close I need to place geocaches that can survive with no daily maintenance.

Happy geocaching and start hiding as well…

Keep calm and go geocaching