Geocache at the egg wending machine


… or should I call it Egg-O-Mat? Some geocaches are placed at such locations you did not know they exist. That is why this game is so addictive. This geocache was at one of these locations. We live in the Netherlands for over ten years by now and we still find different wending machines that never before.

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The geocache hidden on the top of the egg-o-mat - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingNL #geocachingNetherlands #geocachingfun
The geocache hidden on the top of the egg-o-mat

The location

I could safely call this geocache a park and grab. As you’ll see on one of the photos we parked in front of the egg-o-mat. Somewhere in the Netherlands amongst the many small farms is this one located. They “manufacture” eggs. Many of the agricultural manufacturers set up their wending machines. We regularly visited one selling strawberries till it went out of business. When we looked up the map for another geocache on the way to an event the name was calling us.

The Egg-O-Mat - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingNL #geocachingNetherlands #geocachingfun
The Egg-O-Mat

It is really professional. We love to buy products straight from the manufacturer so they are a lot cheaper. Of course we also had to try the machine.

Back to the geocache as we went there to find it. It is in the top right corner. So many top right corners. Do you see that big box? You can return the egg boxes and place them into that. I am sure many shorter geocachers also use it to step on it and check the top right corner of the egg-o-mat. Just like my wife did. And it was there.

The hide

The Egg-O-Mat Security - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingNL #geocachingNetherlands #geocachingfun
Egg-O-Mat Security

The geocache container is nothing special just a small plastic box. One thing was not absolutely clear. Why did they put the camera up there? My potential guesses are to:

  • protect the geocache
  • protect the income from the egg sale
  • record how people mess around to find the geocache

Obviously who knows me will also know that I would place it there for the last reason. We found previously geocaches monitored by security cameras.

The view from the Egg-O-Mat hiding the geocache - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingNL #geocachingNetherlands #geocachingfun
The view from the Egg-O-Mat hiding the geocache

I took a quick picture capturing the scenery for you. It is a typical Dutch farmland area therefore a narrow private road was leading to the geocache.

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The geocache hidden on the top of the egg-o-mat - #geocache #geocaching #geocachingNL #geocachingNetherlands #geocachingfun

The geocache hidden on the top of the egg-o-mat