Geocache: Another guardrail hide


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Each country has roads, or not? If there is a road most likely you’ll find some sort of guardrails along it at some places. Guardrail hides are common all around the planet and mostly park and grabs. The only difference is usually what the geocache itself is.

Anything can be used as a geocache

This one I came across in Mississippi, US. Lucky for me due to my work I need to travel to some places. When I travel I make sure I go and find some geocaches at each place. The more often I go to a given location the further away I need to go to find new geocaches unless the locals are actively hiding. Unfortunately in the Memphis area there are not so many active geocachers who also hide.

The geocache holding on to the guardrail

When hiding on a guardrail I also try to make use of its shape and hide it under somewhere. It has a few benefits; one of them is that it is more hidden from the curious eyes and less chance of getting muggled. Another reason is it is not getting hit by rain which can ruin it, just think of it; do you like finding a geocache with a wet log and only having a pen that cannot leave any mark on the wet paper?

There is another typical hiding way that you can find in online stores like this screw or this double pack or this dome nut hide which you could try creating yourself. I did a few earlier but it was always a bit harder to have the magnet attached properly. Another common hiding method with a magnet you can find online is the used bubble gum the first of those I was first hesistating to touch. You can search for more premade geocaches online here.

The view from the hiding spot

When I meet geocachers and we talk about common hides I always point out that the game is not only about finding it but where to find it and what to see there. While playing this game always look around. See the beauty of the place. There must be something why the geocache was placed there. I know, many of you would start thinking now that not all geocaches has anything to offer as a view or an object but then I would say did you look closely? Did you see the details or you went there parked (on top of a potential beauty you should see) searched two seconds logged in another two and jumped back into the car and drove away?

The view closer to the water

There are many power trails out there where you find many geocaches while walking, cycling or driving a shorter longer way. Many geocachers see those trails as good for their statistics and only a few looks at them as a nice morning or day. While you cover some area and can see a lot. I did a few sections of some power trails before. On each of them I collected many hard to forget memories.

The view with my cache mobile

On a business trip in some countries I rent a car. That gives me the opportunity to cover bigger areas faster and safer. Like on this trip I also had one and it shows up on many of my my geocaching pictures.

Links to some geocache containers online: