DIY logbook for a geocache using garbage


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One of my favorite part of geocaching is that we geocachers put some effort in cleaning our playground … the planet. The other day we were installing some shades or so and it had to be shortened to fit in place so we had lots of small pieces of plastic tubes or whatsoever. My wife looked at them and asked me if I could find some usage for them. First not much but then looking closer, taking them apart and of course after a coffee I had the plan how to convert them into some non common logbook.

DIY Logbook

First I decided I try to engrave the text Logbook on one of them using some font I found cool. As it is plastic I was not sure about the laser settings but at the end it turned out good at first try. Isn’t that cool to have all those cool tools available to support our hobbies? So the only small problem is that I need to make some airfilter to suck the smoke away.

The garbage … to be the logbook

While the laser was busy engraving I started drilling holes on each of them one by one on both end. It was fun till I had a pile if plastic leftover from the drilling but using a tape I picked it all up fast. First I was thinking to use all of them as one logbook but it would be almost three meters so I went with a few for one and also I can already prepare backup logs for later.

Logbook title engraved

The engraving went really well. I forgot to set the focus as you should before engraving on a new object. Look at the image above all those tiny plastic pieces after the drilling.

After finishing the drilling and engraving I had to saw them all together or more like tie them, now that took me some time but as I was doing it I got faster. When I was done with it I had to tighten it up and finish.

One way tied together

Let me also mention that the thread I used came from the garbage as well. My daughters are proud of me to preserve the planet for them as much as I can while having such a cool hobby.

I am very happy with the outcome and I already know my next project. I’ll make a similar one but using some leftover wooden pieces… I’ll share when done.

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