Dinner: Ördöglepény & Chestnut Puree @ Nádas Csárda in Tiszaújváros, Hungary


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During a work visit to Tiszaújváros we are limited to some places only when it comes to restaurants. Nádas Csárda is one of them we go for dinner regularly. After a busy day at work with two colleagues we ended up there as I wanted them to try the Chestnut Puree.

Ördöglepény @ Nádas Csárda, Tiszaújváros, Hungary

I was trying to find an English language recipe for it but could not even find the proper translation for this food. It could be some like Devil’s Pie or Devil’s Cake. Different restaurants prepare it with different meat in it, this one came with beef. Beef is not on my top list I prefer chicken or pork, but I have to say it was really tasty, I enjoyed eating it.

The folded pancake like part is made out of potatoes, at other places they make it look more dark almost black, I was expecting that. It is filled with some stew inside, in this case beef stew. As many Hungarian dishes it was a bit spicy but nothing serious.

As I need to watch my kilos I should not even consider finishing but when it is so tasty you cannot resist.

The restaurant itself is designed like a nice local Hungarian restaurant with seasonal table decoration changes. Do you see the red table cloth? Now that is dating back decades for sure, I remember it was the same in restaurants even when I was a kid.

The staff speaks good English, no wonder as there are many companies in the area where many international business travelers come to visit. Their mood is unfortunately visible on their faces, some times they are not so smily but other times they are like in an American restaurant, smiling all day long.

Nádas Csárda has a huge menu, with many options for everyone, so far I did not see anyone having problem to find something that they could enjoy there. As Tiszaújváros is next to the river Tisza of course they have a few fishes on the menu, like catfish, I’m sure I’ll write about that I’ll get that during my next visit. The options for drinks are also nice and long, including non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. As I don’t drink alcohol I’m always looking for some lemonades with some flavor. My favorite one is elder which they have and tastes good. They are really helpful when you ask them to add less syrup to get less sugar.

Chestnut Puree @ Nádas Csárda, Tiszaújváros, Hungary

Now let’s get to the dessert. I love desserts, sometimes I give up eating a meal to get a full dessert. Chestnut Puree is one of my favorite Hungarian dessert. I found a recipe for chestnut puree here, not sure if this is the best but you can buy in the stores in Hungary all over the place blocks which you need to grind and add whipped cream to it and you are done. Summer is not the best season for this dessert as the fresh chestnut puree is available somewhere around the end of November, that is when it tastes the best.

The pricing at the restaurant is reasonable, me living in the Netherlands consider it cheap. My colleagues from the US found it even cheap and described the food as nice and tasty. I’m sure I’ll be back there again and next time I’ll make more pictures to share with you.

The accept all different payment methods starting with local currency (Hungarian Forint), debit cards, credit cards (including my favorite AMEX). They can charge the tips on the card as well, which is not the case in some other restaurant.

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