Creative journaling — recipe: blueberry pie


How many of you have seen recipe books of your grandmothers? Maybe they started journaling centuries ago. I remember my grandmother had one. Originally it was just a notebook but by the time I first saw it was at least double or triple thick. She wrote down the most important recipes she had. She also cut out pictures from newspapers and stick them next to her recipes.

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Creative journaling - recipe - #recipe
Creative journaling – recipe

My wife is also collecting the recipes so she finds something to cook or bake when the family has no idea. She had all different forms of recipe books already. She really loves to work on her journals and planners so I was curious when will she start converting here recipes to one of them. Time has arrived. These pages are in Hungarian of course. Apologies for those who cannot read or understand. The recipe is a simple and fast blueberry pie. It is one of the favourite recipes in my family. This pie usually doesn’t have time to cool before it is gone.

My English vocabulary is not efficient to translate it so I apologise for that.

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This is always the trickiest part. It is almost impossible to find the stickers back that are used. My girls have a few hundred sheets of sticker so they can find the ones they need when they need them. That also means they are always looking for more.

Instead of stickers you can always use washi tapes if you find them. Here I found one:

Stabilo Fineliner

They come in different colors and the same goes to picking them as for color pencils. The more colors you have the better. When I look at the tools my wife has for journaling I can see which are the most used ones. They got some place where they are in easy reach. The Stabilo Fineliners are one of those.

Color pencil sets from Faber-Castell

We found these pencils really good quality and we highly recommend them. The more colors you have the easier you color your pages.

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Creative journaling - recipe - #recipe
Creative journaling – recipe