Creative journaling — March 2019


March is really the beginning of spring. This is usually when you first see the garden recovering after the winter so it is usually the first month when you go out. Days are getting longer and less depressive. In the Netherlands the weather is mostly rainy but usually it rains in the morning. As each day of the year after breakfast I drink a coffee. Coffee is the theme for March 2019 in my wife’s creative journal.

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I or my family use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monthly cover

Creative journaling March 2019 - cover page - #creativejournaling #monthly #monthlycover #March #coverpage
Creative journaling March 2019 – cover page

Coffee is one of my favourite drinks. This month coffee inspired the planner for my wife. Many thanks for it. I know it was only for me so I’m more inspired to post about it.

Weekly planners

Week 9

Creative journaling weekly planner – week 9 (March) - #creativejournaling #weekly #weeklyplanner #March #planner #planning
Creative journaling weekly planner – week 9 (March)

Coffee is a hug in a mug

So many great quotes are available about coffee. The first week is short this year in March so it is a great opportunity to have a page with many of them.

life begins after coffee

It is so funny. I also like to drink a coffee in the morning but I drink it after my breakfast. Coffee is not a starter for me. I can drink a strong coffee and head to sleep. I drink coffee for the taste of it.

First I drink the coffee then I do the thing

For a long time I did not drink coffee till one day I realised I’m old enough to make my own decisions so I started. I also like to drink my coffee before getting anything done. The only reason is that it starts the day good. Starting the day good sets the mood.

There’s always time for coffee

Drinking coffee can bring people together. At most workplaces that is the time to discuss any topic and speed up resolving problems. For some it is a great way of slowing down. My job is one of those stressful ones so I can use some relax in between those emails. When I get some really upsetting emails or questions I often stand up and grab a coffee so I can calm down and answer professionally. Try it.

Week 10

- #creativejournaling #weekly #weeklyplanner #March #planner #planning
Creative journaling weekly planner – week 10 (March)

Premium coffee for a better morning

As I got older I learned that why wasting my money on bad and low quality coffee. When I buy my capsules there are a few rules. I do try new ones as a result I find new ones to add my mixture. But I do not buy coffee that I did not like previously. Why should I spend money on a coffee I would try to avoid to pick?

Week 11

Creative journaling weekly planner – week 11 (March) - #creativejournaling #weekly #weeklyplanner #March #planner #planning
Creative journaling weekly planner – week 11 (March)

I also considered buying raw coffee. I started to look up what it takes to roast coffee yourself so I can try. After reading a few blogs and instructions I decided to stick to capsules. It all has its benefits but I realised I do not have the time to roast, prepare, etc.

Week 12

Creative journaling weekly planner – week 12 (March)- #creativejournaling #weekly #weeklyplanner #March #planner #planning
Creative journaling weekly planner – week 12 (March)

Coffee. Should I drink it with milk, sugar, both, none? This is always a personal decision. I skip sugar to start with. I add milk for multiple reasons. The milk I add is cold so it cools down the coffee. Usually I drink my coffee relatively fast so it should be at a temperature ready for consumption.

As you can see on the pages my wife used many stickers. She usually buys all different stickers as packages. Many of them have a few coffee related ones as well so it was the perfect time to use some up. If you need some check out online:

Week 13

Creative journaling weekly planner – week 13 (March) - #creativejournaling #weekly #weeklyplanner #March #planner #planning
Creative journaling weekly planner – week 13 (March)

The more coffee related pages I see the more I feel like I should also start my own journal. Of course I should use the theme coffee not only for a month but for the whole. I would start with a coffee tracker. I could track what type of coffee I had and when. The tracker could contain a score for the given coffee as well. The more I think about it the more it would end up as an application on my phone to gather data and analyse it in the future.

Mood tracker

Creative journaling March 2019 - mood tracker - #creativejournaling #March #planner #planning #moodtracker #tracker
Creative journaling March 2019 – mood tracker

What else could be the days than coffee beans? I prefer darker roasts but I hope for a lighter result on this one at the end of the month.

Creative journaling March 2019 - mood tracker - #creativejournaling #March #planner #planning #moodtracker #tracker
Creative journaling March 2019 – mood tracker

Did you spot the coffee cup on the photos? There is a short story behind that as well. My kids and wife love to go and browse around in stores called Kringloopwinkels. These store take in anything people want to throw away as they don’t use, need them any longer. They then clean them up, sort them put a price tag on them and finally puts on some shelfs. Often you can find brand new stuff in these stores. This coffee cup came from one of those stores. My wife picked two cups, the other one you can find on a photo about me on the internet. I’ll be honest, this one I like more than that other. So that one broke… It was not me.

Materials and tools used on the above pages

Here below is a list of online available tools, pens, pencils we use ourselves.

Stabilo Fineliner

They come in different colors and the same goes to picking them as for color pencils. The more colors the better.

Color pencil sets from Faber-Castell

We found these pencils really good quality and we highly recommend them. The more colors you have the easier you color your pages.

Sakura Pigment Liner Micron pens

Sakura pens are top quality and really easy to work with. You find these pens in all different colors and sizes. A few colors and some different sizes from the blacks will help you with all your drawings.

Staedtler Pigment Liners

Another alternative to the Sakura Pigment Liners is from Staedtler. My wife found these the same quality so she is recommending them as well.

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Creative journaling weekly planner – March 2019 – #creativejournaling #weekly #weeklyplanner #March #planner #planning
Creative journaling weekly planner – March 2019