Part 2 in Archeon ... where humans already moved into houses. Walking through Archeon and time we reached the first real houses. Looks a little windy but might be still better against all the elements than the huts.In the first houses they used mud to full the gaps between the random sized wooden poles. That was used as the structure...
Living in the Netherlands for a longer time you will realise how much is there to see and not only as a tourist, the locals learn a lot of their history at places like Archeon. We planned to visit this place for a long time and this weekend we decided to check out.Sorry for the long post ahead, there...

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Creative journaling - June 2019 - cover page - #creativejournaling #june #junebujo #june2019 #junecover #coverpage #creativejournal #ladybug

Creative journaling — June 2019

June is coming soon so my wife needed to get ready with her planners in time. The theme for June is a...