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When two hobbies meet … you get a few pages about one of them in the other.

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Bullet journal - geocaching - itstartswithacoffee.com
Bullet journal – geocaching

The beginning

Back a few years ago when they found that due to different reasons I started to get diabetes my wife found geocaching. Geocaching was the reason to go outside and walk, cycle and in general move more. Over the last years it became part of our life. If you heard about the game you know there are many statistics you can make and many goals you can set. If there is a goal or some statistics involved it calls for a tracker in your bullet journal.

Bullet journal - geocaching layouts
Bullet journal – geocaching layouts

Lists, trackers, stats

When you travel you make sure you find a geocache at each location. New countries, new states, new counties, new cities to add. And most important new memories to collect.

My wife prefers to prepare for things so she looks up geocaches to go after. She also reads about famous geocaches and adds them to a list. This is how we went after GC40 as an example, just one long evening driving four hours to get there and then to get home. GC40 is in Belgium and it is the oldest geocache on the continental Europe.

At the time these photos were taken the list was short, but it is growing all the times.

The tracker you see below shows on which day of which month she found a geocache. The year is irrelevant. That is one of the statistics available to all geocachers on their statistics.

Bullet journal - geocaching souvenirs - itstartswithacoffee.com
Bullet journal – geocaching souvenirs


Geocaching HQ comes up with some motivating plans regularly. They offer different souvenirs for achieving different goals. The most common is to find given amount of geocaches in a given time frame and depending on how many you find you can get more and more souvenirs. Above you see souvenirs tracker for the Planets.

You can also get souvenirs for finding geocaches in different countries or states. It is really hard to collect all of them. tEach of the US states have one. Not all countries have one but some like Germany has one for each of their states as well.

Bullet journal - geocaching layouts - itstartswithacoffee.com
Bullet journal – geocaching layouts

Geocaching quotes

Over the years geocachers came up with so many so cool quotes related to geocaching that you find them all over. My wife just had to use some of the best ones on her layouts. Here are some of the most famous ones:

  • Not all who wander are lost some are just geocaching. (People stopped me in different countries for wandering around an area for long minutes. They always wanted to help and when I told them what I’m after some started geocaching some just had no clue why on earth I do it. Not to mention why on earth would I do it.)
  • Never mess with a geocacher, we know the best places to hide a body … (Ok, it is true. Haha. Now you think how? and why? I can tell I have seen places in different countries that no tourist would ever go there. Cliffs, hills, caves, forests, you name it there is a geocache.)
  • Old geocachers don’t die they just get archived. (Sad but I also heard of stories that some hardcore geocachers got archived. When a geocache is no longer available for searching that is when they archive it. Me personally have limitations on where and how far I would risk my life for a geocache find or hide. Fire ants already bit me before. I was digging in a tree less than 20 cm from a dangerous three meters long snake. And I could tell more, but when I know that it is too risky for me, I walk away.)
  • If you hide it they will come. (It is true. When I placed my first geocache out there, there were people to come for it really fast. When my wife put her geocaches in a tiny village she was a bit sceptical that why would anyone go to that small village and they came… they come in teams, they come one by one…)
  • Geocaching: What happens when you tell a nerd “go outside and play”. (Some calls me a nerd so I know how it goes. Geocachers use high value satellites for their game.)
  • I use multi-million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods. What’s your hobby? (This is in short the description of the game. Many of the hides are a small plastic box and many were hidden in the woods in the beginning. Since the beginning things have changes a lot, but this is still describing the game’s concept.)
Bullet journal - geocaching layouts - itstartswithacoffee.com
Bullet journal – geocaching layouts

When are these pages created

Geocaching is a great game, a good reason to go and see places. Check out some of my other posts about some of the finds and hides. Some of the days you are just not in the mood to go out. Those days are the days to work on the bullet journal. Or just the evenings while I’m writing these posts my wife is working on her bullet journals.

Materials and tools used while creating these layouts


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Bullet journal – Geocaching