Bullet journal – Advent Calendar


Waiting for Christmas is always so exciting especially when you have an advent calendar. Treating yourself with a coloring of an advent calendar in your bullet journal is a form of it.

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The advent calendar

Bullet journal - Advent calendar - itstartswithacoffee.com #bulletjournal #bujo #advent #adventcalendar
Bullet journal – Advent calendar

Many of us know about advent calendars and many of us even prepares them but who know where it started? I decided to dig into the topic a little bit and found this website that tells the story in short.

Originally it was only to count the days till Christmas but over time more excitement was added. Nowadays you can get them with all different surprises every day leading to a bigger one at the end. This inspired the above bullet journal having something to color each day leading to Christmas. Our kids are grown up by now but they still demand an advent calendar which keeps them kids. Back when they were smaller and you could only get the ones with a small paper door and a small piece of chocolate behind the door they always enjoyed the ones my wife put together with a tiny surprise every day.

Tools and materials used to make these pages

When it comes to the tools you will learn that you really do not need much to make them and color them. The most important you do not need to spend a cent on it is in your heart… LOVE. Christmas is all about family and loving each others so getting ready for that is not something you need tools for. Honestly I guess you all do it every day of the year. To draw these pictures get a black pen and there you go. To color them get many different color pencils and you are set. In case you do not yet have them or you feel like you need to treat yourself with a new or different one:

Color pencil sets from Faber-Castell

We found these pencils really good quality and we highly recommend them. The more colors you have the easier you color your pages.

Sakura Pigment Liner Micron pens

Sakura pens are top quality and really easy to work with. You find these pens in all different colors and sizes. A few colors and some different sizes from the blacks will help you with all your drawings.

Staedtler Pigment Liners

Another alternative to the Sakura Pigment Liners is from Staedtler. My wife found these the same quality so she is recommending them as well.

Bullet journal - Advent Calendar - itstartswithacoffee.com #bulletjournal #bujo #advent #adventcalendar #bujolayout
Bullet journal – Advent Calendar