Archeon, a day back in the past part 2


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Part 2 in Archeon … where humans already moved into houses.

Walking through Archeon and time we reached the first real houses. Looks a little windy but might be still better against all the elements than the huts.

Archeon – a house made of wood and mud stuck in between them

In the first houses they used mud to full the gaps between the random sized wooden poles. That was used as the structure of the house. Now the interesting part is that my grandparents lived (and my last grandmother still lives) in similar houses. Of course that was made out of mud bricks. To be honest without any additional isolation those houses keep the warm in if you heat it up and stays cooler in summer.

Archeon – living room

With no television in the living room it was for sure a lot more communication amongst the family members. With all today’s technology and luxury I could still imagine the discussions in those rooms while doing some day-to-day activity, work.

If you waited enough at each location you could see that the kids tried to sit on all different benches and stools. If you have a chance to visit similar locations in different countries you would see that the basics are always the same to make a bench just the design might be different.

Archeon – is this the bedroom?

My best guess is that this was the bedroom with the leathers all around. First they did not have bed they just slept on the ground on some leather at best.

Archeon – Another living room?

If you look at the way the benches are positioned this place is for having some shows for the visitors, we did not wait till any of the shows started but for sure next time we visit we’ll be a lot more prepared and schedule our visit to see some of the entertainments. At the entrance they gave us the daily program but we did not stay long enough.

Archeon – wall repair in progress

The really fun part of this park is that you can observe how they were doing the maintenance like on this house during our visit a lady was fixing up the walls with some mud. Tons of kids got around her and they all wanted to help in and they did as well. This is the way to get your kids’ hands dirty a little bit and learn not to take everything granted.

Archeon – A long house with a fence

I tried to take a single picture to have the whole long house on one picture but it did not work so I had to go for a panoramic picture on this one. If you check out the fence how simple it is do you realise it anywhere around where you live, maybe a bit modernised version, but the technic is the same after thousands of years. Looks like some of the things we figured out early and just works today.

Archeon – busy preparing some paint

At some point in history humans wanted more not just a place to be and to survive the day but to have a better looking house add some colors.

Archeon – tools are definitely improving as we get closer today

In the huts they already had some shelves but by this time there were a lot more sophisticated and could hold a lot more and heavier stuff. Back when they lived in huts those were temporary so they couldn’t even have too much and too heavy tools as when they moved they had to carry it all with them. At this time they built their buildings as they wanted to stay and they could start having more and more.

Archeon – Should we call that a window already?

In this more enhanced house the luxury is increased, look at all benches they all have more legs not just a plank places over some chunk of wood. They also have some leather placed over them. The fireplace also improved some. And you see the wall it is not only up to a certain level but all the way up to the roof and a part is left open to get light in and air. Less open space meant better heating possibility, not sure I could sleep in such a house during winter.

Archeon – a small creek and a small bridge over it

The whole park has this nice detail level that you feel like you are actually walking in an area where people live and not like in a museum. These details make Archeon a park which you want to revisit another day as well as at the first time even spending a full day there you will still miss some of the details.

Archeon – the exit of the long house

A bench next to the door. That reminds me villages in Transylvania and Hungary as well. When you drive across the villages and you see elderly people sitting on their benches in front of the house, most probably that is also an invention they figured out a long ago.

Archeon – Another era another house

While walking from house to house you have this feeling you are actually walking in a small village but each house is from a different era. At Archeon they did a really good job on placing the houses after each others in time and when there was a bigger jump in technology or time they left some bigger distance between the buildings.

Archeon – 5500 years ago …

Another nice information board along the pathway. I window how many of you stop and read these? They have lots of information but I bet most of us might just read the first line and move on, then we ask the same questions to the staff that was on that board answered we were just lazy to read. All the staff members have my full respect for their patience to deal with us tourists all day long.

Archeon – a house finally with a roof used for storage

I’m not sure they ran out of space so they had to utilise the space vertically, most probably it was just more comfortable to keep more stuff under the roof and protect them from the elements while no need to build a huge and long house any longer.

Did you spot the bench in front of this house as well? While walking in residential areas in the Netherlands i still see benches in front of houses today. However I do not often see anyone sitting on those but they are still there.

Archeon – Bedroom with a bed

As the time passed by humans wanted to sleep with more comfort and less depending from the weather, this is where you already have a bed and not only some leather on the ground. For most of us this would still be a bit uncomfortable, no leg and back lifting, no box-spring mattress etc.

Archeon – more and more tools to use day over day

Did you pay attention to the benches? Remember all the details? By now they improved the stability and they have legs that are not parallel but standing apart from each others. Softer skins on them as well.

Not sure if the baskets got any better since they first showed up, but looks like the ones you can buy today.

Archeon – more decoration in the house

There is a skull of a bull as decoration on the wall by now.

Archeon – cooking in front of the house

They just started preparing some food right outside the house. Not sure if they let you taste it when done but most probably they do. Cool clothing on the staff.

Archeon – another house

Check the roof, does it look familiar? I see these in the Netherlands all over the place even today. For sure these roof had some benefits, but I know these roofs are regularly replaced and such it is not the cheapest to maintain.

Archeon – 5500 years ago … spieker (granary)

Over 5500 years ago humans already built a simple granary, isn’t that amazing? Did you ever play any of those click a lot strategy games where you need to build your civilisation? Remember a granary is almost in the beginning available now we know it was one of the early invention to keep the grains dry.

Archeon – houses getting more stylish

Now we started to see more and more styling elements on the houses, the door is lifted up higher for easier entrance and at the same time this house looks cooler. Think about it… you are the first in the village what the others would say? Would they understand it? or they would only understand the concept after leaving from your home to theirs and hitting their heads in their door.

Archeon – a simple granary and a smoking building?

I did not read all information boards so I have no clue if they used that small smoky building for smoking or burning anything. My bet is that they used smoking to preserve meat, fish and other food.

Archeon – new inhabitants in the house

By this time humans started to have animals around the house and they kept them for food. Till not too long ago they kept them under the same roof as they lived. This helped to keep them warm in winter easier. I am sure I could not move my family under the same roof with a cow. They would not enjoy the smell for sure.

Archeon – finally the beds are up higher, easier to get in and out

As these houses were still holding full families they needed lots of beds. They made them multipurpose they added sitting planks around them and had them all around the wall in a corner. Still central heating with a fire. At this time walls are protecting the house on all sides. Only a small window lets the light in.

Archeon – a workshop

And finally some more staff on the picture busy with some work. They were making some type of textile with early machines. Does it considered a machine? See back in the corner, stones holding down the threads …

Stay tuned till the next post come as we are still not at the end …

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