Archeon, a day back in the past part 1


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Living in the Netherlands for a longer time you will realise how much is there to see and not only as a tourist, the locals learn a lot of their history at places like Archeon. We planned to visit this place for a long time and this weekend we decided to check out.

Sorry for the long post ahead, there were so much to see.

Archeon … arriving to the entrance

The parking is a bit away from the entrance, but the pathway to it is also nicely made to match the theme of the park.

Almost in, listening all the kids with all they have to share about how they imagine what’s inside is always fun. So many families come to visit this place and who has some kids they take them as there are many things they can experience.

Archeon - Finally in ...
Archeon – Finally in …

Getting in you can either use an e-ticket you can buy online or just buy one when you arrive. It was a little bit disappointing that buying online did not really bring any discount. The entrance and the exit goes the same route via the souvenir shop where you can buy all fun items for kids and some for collectors as well.

Archeon – Information boards

All over the park you find these nicely made information boards with telling you which time you are back in the past and some details about that period. What they shop all around Archeon are either found in the Netherlands or replicas of what was found.

Archeon – far back in time when humans did not yet build houses

From time to time they add some temporary exhibitions to show more about a given time period this time it was the prehistoric period. You could watch them using some of the ancient technic to prepare their tools, huts, etc.

Archeon – tools back in the day

It is always fun to see how humans survived back in the time. It is also great fun to see how kids enjoy it, especially when they can take part of preparing anything or they can try the things out. One of the great thing about Archeon is that you can actually be part of the happenings even as an adult you can just walk over touch the things ask the staff for more details if you are curious. Most if not all the staff speaks English.

Archeon – tools in a hut and some leather

Walking through all these huts gets you into the atmosphere of the era and as soon as you see the staff dressed matching and acting like they might have back then it is even more fun. You can observe the kids how they are afraid for a few minutes when they see those people someone does not match what they saw before.

Archeon – Some canoes on the water

They had a few canoes carved from a single piece of wood on the water and they were busy softening wood to tear them into longer stripes to create some baskets.

Archeon – Lady in authentic clothing

Just think of it, how cold could they survive? They dit not have heating, all they could do is set up a fire that’s it. The temperature on the day we visited was the lover 20 °C not sure I would wanted to be authentic and walk barefoot.

Archeon – Another hut from inside, check out the shelf on the wall, cool

Looking into this hut where would you put your laptop and internet connection? Would you consider living without that for a month? They lived all their lives without it and who know maybe they were happier and had more time for real communication then we do nowadays.

There are many more pictures coming on the part 2 shortly, as soon as posted I’ll link it here.

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