A geocache where you need to watch out for the dog


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When it comes to geocaching you never really know what to expect but when it starts with the dog guarding already in the name of the geocache some might skip it immediately.

That is where the geocache coordinates are pointing

Let me get back to the beginning of the story… we joined our daughter going to get new glasses. It always takes some time but that day it was like they do not want her to leave. I was getting bored so let’s do the best available thing … go and find a geocache. Is there any? Yes, and quickly reachable on foot.

The shopping mall’s parking a few steps away from the geocache

A short walk and I’m af the coordinates. Quiet, peaceful location. The dog shows up as most were mentioning in their logs but it did not care me much not a single barking. Sorry, no picture of the dog it left before I started taking the pictures.

Two cars were parking in front of the gate. Other users’ uploaded images pointed at the fence, but which part? The obvious part was guarded by another huge animal, a spider and its web. I did not want to destroy its web so I started looking all over the place.

I heard some kids; two girls were chatting and getting closer so I acted busy on my phone. They walked straight to me and greeted me and immediately jumped to the topic. “Am I looking for the geocache?” – one of them asked. “Yep, you too?” – They were also on their phones when coming so I assumed they might be. “Nope, I live right here so I know where it is.” – she answered. And she immediately started to point me towards the direction, then I showed her the huge spider and its net. It was nice as you can see on the picture. She did not care the net she took half of it down to clear the path to the geocache and before I could really thank her they were off to home walking away.

The geocache guard on duty

It was not any of those special hides or hard to find one, but the way the little girl was helping was fun to see. We found geocaches before where we had the local kids helping out.

The geocache container

As you can see the geocache container is nothing special. The cache owner shared that this is their first geocache with the daughter. It should encourage everyone to hide but please only if you are going to maintain it.

The geocache hiding in the ivy

Keep on geocaching to meet all those fun people all over this tiny planet.

The view a few steps away from the geocache

As I always say, don’t just find the geocache but look around and enjoy the area, there must be something nice to see at all the geocaches and it is not always visible immediately. Keep your eyes open!

Guarded geocache